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About a brand

The GEFEST group of companies is engaged in release of modern kitchen household appliances with high consumer properties. The main activities — production of gas, gas-electric, electric stoves, the built-in equipment and air cleaners of the GEFEST trademark.

The head enterprise JV JSC Brestgazoapparat, the Unitary enterprise "Gefest-Technika", the Unitary enterprise "Gefest-Kvartz" are a part of GEFEST group of companies.

To keep and increase the line items in the market, JV JSC Brestgazoapparat constantly invests means in development of the productions.

the enterprise releases
900 000
units of stationary plates annually

Structure of holding

  • JV JSC "Brestgazoapparat"
  • Unitary enterprise "Gefest-Technika"
  • Unitary enterprise "Gefest-Kvartz"

Geography and volume of export

80 %
The amount of the made products under the GEFEST trademark is exported abroad.

History of the enterprise

Beginning of history
The history of the Belarusian-Russian joint business JV JSC Brestgazoapparat (Brest) is conducted since 1951. The first name of present JV JSC Brestgazoapparat — the Brest mechanical-repair plant. The first shops — repair, mechanical, electroshop, design. The first collective — 59 people.
First batch of gas stoves
In 1958 the entity issued the first batch of gas stoves that marked the beginning of supply with gas pltia of consumers over all country.
The 100-thousand plate is released
By the end of December, 1961, on the eve of New Year's holidays the 100-thousand anniversary gas stove has been released.
The 3-milliony plate is released
In 1975 the plant issued the three-million gas stove. During this period the entity became one of leaders in the USSR on production of the household gas equipment.
Staff of the enterprise
By 1990 the staff of the plant increased to 2 500 people. The entity becomes one of the largest in the region.
Republican award
Following the results of 2000 JV JSC Brestgazoapparat became the winner of an award of the Government of Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality and is awarded by the diploma for implementation of highly effective quality management methods and providing on this basis of release of competitive products.
Release of a million plate at the Unitary enterprise "Gefest-Technika"
On November 10, 2010 the Unitary enterprise "Gefest-Technika" issued a million plate. 1000000.jpg
Release of products on the basis of the universal module
The plant started product output based on the universal module that allowed to apply the high-technology automated lines of its production. Heattechnical characteristics of products are considerably improved and a wide range of possibilities for modification of design appeared.
Development and updating of the range of products
With accounting of constantly changing tendencies in the market of household appliances, the GEFEST company develops and updates the product assortment. Today, the commodity portfolio contains about 200 models and modifications by floor plates, 50 modifications of the built-in surfaces, and also about 60 modifications of ovens.


The GEFEST company - the entity, largest in the CIS, on production of stoves. For more, than 65 years of work more than 30 000 000 stoves are made.

The GEFEST brand unites three entities of GEFEST group of companies: JV JSC Brestgazoapparat, Hephaestus technician Unitary enterprise and Hephaestus quartz Unitary enterprise. The head enterprise of JV JSC Brestgazoapparat GEFEST group of companies is joint Belarusian-Russian open joint stock company.

Under the GEFEST trademark the big listed products are issued: gas stoves, the gas-electric (combined) plates, electric stoves, the built-in gas and electric tables, the built-in ovens, air cleaners and extracts, desktop plates and dishwashers. Thanks to a wide model range of each type of products each buyer can choose the goods which are completely answering to his consumer preferences.